Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Community Living Summit: What Autism Researchers Should Study

June 2019
Autistic Self Advocacy Network
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During the Community Living Summit held on May 3-4, 2018, the participants came up with a lot of questions about studying autism and living in the community. After the Summit, ASAN thought about what they said and then came up with some more questions.

Together, we came up with seven big questions:

1. How can we help autistic people live in the community?

2. What is the autistic community like?

3. How should we study autism?

4. How can we help autistic people stay on track?

5. Where should autistic people live?

6. How can we help autistic people communicate?

7. How can we help autistic people be free and safe in the community?

This list is a good start for autism researchers who want to work with autistic people. This resource talks about these seven big questions, and the many smaller questions that need to be researched in order to answer them.

Last modified Dec 16, 2019