Easy Does It: A Promising Model for Emergency Home and Community-Based Services

December 2019
Mary Lou Breslin
The logo of DREDF, with the organizations initials in red above a semi-circle of black dots of increasing size

Easy Does It, a non-profit organization founded by people with disabilities in 1994, provides emergency personal assistance services, accessible transportation, wheelchair and assistive device repair, case management and other services for people with physical disabilities who live in Berkeley, California. In 2018, with 26 employees and a $1.2 million budget, EDI responded to 3,814 requests for service from about 600 disabled and older residents of Berkeley. The organization exemplifies a promising practice for providing emergency PAS and other home and community-based services for people with significant functional limitations. This report introduces EDI and presents a basic blueprint for people advocating to provide similar services in their communities.

Last modified Dec 16, 2019