Provision of Home- and Community-Based Services through Cal MediConnect Health Plans

November 2017
Carrie Graham, Mel Neri, Brooke Hollister, Marian Liu, Stephen Kaye, Edward Bozwell Bueno, Winston Tseng, and Charlene Harrington
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Researchers from the University of California have conducted an evaluation of the impact of the Cal MediConnect (CMC) program on beneficiaries and health systems. One goal of CMC was to decrease expenditures through incentives to redirect care away from institutional settings and toward more home- and community-based services (HCBS). This research brief includes results from an in-depth examination of the efforts of CMC health plans to administer HCBS through their new managed long-term services and supports programs. Data collected for this research brief built on the results of Phase I of this evaluation and included an online survey with CMC health plans as well as 20 in-depth interviews with representatives from HCBS agencies that served CMC beneficiaries.

Last modified Jan 11, 2018